What we do?

Interior design

Our projects are born from a respect for architecture and artistic discipline, but as well from a belif that design in in the details.

We formulate design which is practical, aesthetic, and conducive to intended purposes.


Each piece is providing the finest choice of luxury furniture for every space, made upon a request. Whether it's our fine dining table, our neo classical bed/sofa or contemporary chair; our furniture is lovingly made and it’s available in a variety of woods and fabric finishes.


By providing strong, expert leadership from the start of a project, we give clients the level of confidence and assurance that they require.

We develop program delivery methodologies that are robust, transparent and based on experience drawn from large scale of projects.


We strongly believe that everyone has a different lifestyle, and this needs to be respected in any design project. It is often difficult balancing our wishes with what clients want, but when we are pushed to solve a problem, we always discover something new. That is the beauty of our client relationships.


Along with managing the complexity of each project, our construction services professionals build longstanding relationships with clients and design professionals. As an essential team member on each project, we play a crucial role in helping clients realize their visions.

As a project progresses—or increases in complexity—we customize our services to fit each client’s unique needs and requirements. Our suite of services covers every aspect of a client’s project, from design to completion.


With a varied range of experience in assisting clients in both pre- and post-acquisition situations we create a plan or “Acquisition Playbook” and continue to provide assistance as long as the client may need additional resources.

Areas of expertise include all kinds of products that will help you complete your working or living space, giving you chance to update it much later if needed. Our acquisition dept. is constantly taking care about your budget and its providing always the best of the best from different markets.

Additional Services